Dirty white girls in absolutely. "I was excited yesterday that I could not sleep" (naked) "Hika nakamima A splendid eyes and A cup fine milk hooked on a cute beautiful girl · bamboo shoots quickly, While surprisingly surprised by the unexpected development, it became a smile as it became soiled, received with joy and delight "to go out a lot" ◆, while bluntly corrupting the army corps himself became greedy in pleasure Enjoy sex. Blissful firing faces! ! All 6 volumes. 絶世の美少女を白く汚す―。「ドキドキして昨日は眠れませんでしたぁ(照)」とはにかむ切れ長の凛々しい瞳と、Aカップ微乳がキュートな美少女・あべみかこをドッキリに掛けて早速ぶっかけると、「そう来ましたかぁ◆」と意外な展開に驚きながらも、汚されるにつれて笑顔になり、「いっぱい出てるぅ◆」と歓喜しながら受け止め、小悪魔的に軍団を責めつつ、自身も快楽に貪欲になってセックスを楽しむ。至福な顔射祭!! 全6編。