I was a senior student who had sluggish grades, I visited the classroom to learn Shogi at grandfather 's recommendation, but waiting there was a woman' s chess player who seems to be a superb busty erotic woman! Unlike what I had imagined, I was motivated by myself. However, before the eyes of the board from the top of the board there is a big cock! ! I can not concentrate like this ~ (laugh) 成績が伸び悩んでいた受験生の僕は、祖父の薦めで将棋を学びに教室を訪れたのだが、そこで待っていたのは超巨乳のエロ賢そうな女流棋士だった!想像していたのと違って、俄然やる気になった僕。しかし、盤上からスグ目の前にははちきれんばかりの大きなオッパイが!!こんなんじゃ集中できないよ~(笑)