Is Yu-chan dressed as another character and exterminate the demon? !! Appeared in ASMR work in a cosplay that looks great this time. Delivering the squeaky sounds that everyone loves, with realistic sounds as if they were right next door. You can feel the sound of stirring the bare pussy from inside the skirt with your fingers. From soothing sounds to thrilling sounds, please enjoy them with headphones. ゆうちゃんが今度は別キャラクターに扮して鬼退治?!今回もとっても似合うコスプレ姿でASMR作品に登場。みんな大好きクチュクチュ音を、まるですぐ隣にいるかのようなリアルな音でお届け。スカートの中から丸出しのおまんこを、指でくちゅくちゅと掻き回す音もばっちり間近に感じられる。心地よい音から、あなたをゾクゾクとさせる音までぜひヘッドフォンでお楽しみください。