Frustrated Ideal desire and ideal of sex that "hoped to be dominated" hidden in the heart of a married woman. I will embody that ideal as she wants. I restrained to the inconvenient posture that I could not move, and Ikashi sprinkle semi-compulsively. A masochistic married woman will be pleased and willingly accepted to liberate sexual training, and will attract the appearance of a crazy female. Short story drama style all 4 editions. ☆ purchase items from the adult book "Yoshizawa Aki 2018 Calendar" from here ☆欲求不満人妻の心の中に隠された「支配されたい」本来の欲望と性の理想。その理想を彼女の望み通りに具現化していく。身動きできない不自由な体勢に拘束し、半強制的にイカセまくる。マゾ体質の人妻は厳しい調教を施されると悦び受け入れ性欲を解放していき、狂い感じる雌の姿を魅せていく。短編ドラマ風全4編。☆アダルトブック「吉沢明歩 2018年カレンダー」の商品ご購入はこちらから☆