That was suddenly a farewell. My husband 's sudden death left me lost in sorrow where I was not left. Keisuke's brother-in-law came and stayed desire, and unreasonably I was committed in front of her husband 's portrait. Kei san called for warmth of the skin soon after asking for her forgiveness from her husband 's portrait, seeking my body like every day. And after the first seven days, the feeling of guilt turned into a sense of spirit and my body began accepting Keisuke ....それは突然過ぎる別れでした。夫の急死により、一人取り残された私は行き場のない悲しみに暮れていました。そこへ義兄の圭介さんがやってきて欲望のまま、理不尽にも私は夫の遺影の前で犯されました。その後も夫の遺影に許しを請う間もなく圭介さんは肌の温もりを求め、毎日のようにやってきて私の身体を求めるのでした。そして初七日を過ぎたころ、罪悪感が背徳感へと変わり私の身体は圭介さんを受け入れ始めて…。