I came to travel to hot springs alone also to heal the heart injured recently broken heart, or the like. Gal 4 sisters who passed each other by chance at the inn was cute all! Quite becoming a worry to the open-air bath without being able to do anything my virginity. Then gal sisters coming into the sudden droves bath! For example, was it mixed bathing! ? The gal who partner approaching naked fate of my virginity! ?最近失恋などで傷ついた心を癒やすためにも一人で温泉地に旅行に来た僕。宿で偶然すれ違ったギャル4姉妹が全員可愛かった!かなり気になりつつも童貞の僕は何もできないまま露天風呂へ。すると突然ぞろぞろ風呂に入ってくるギャル姉妹たち!え、混浴だったの!?裸のまま近づいてくるギャルたち相手に僕の童貞の運命は!?