I was a weak bully, and I was able to be super cute girlfriend Ai chan. One day when I went back home by two people who enjoyed love love date, I was caught by the prefecture's strongest charismatic DQN "Takeo senpai" in the matter of the sales of the part ticket .... At a later date, I told Take pitcher Senpai "Come with her as a member instead of a par-ticket", and after a while I was suffering, I wasted a lie to Ai-chan and took me to a docking spot of DQN That's it. 気弱でイジメられっ子だった僕に出来た超可愛い激カワ彼女あいちゃん。ある日バイト帰りのあいちゃんと二人でラブラブデートをエンジョイしていたら、県内最強のカリスマDQN「武丸先輩」に、パー券の売上の件で捕まってしまって…。後日僕は、武丸先輩に「パー券の代わりにこないだの彼女連れてこいや」と言われてしまい、思い悩んだ末に仕方無く、あいちゃんに嘘を吐いて、DQNの溜まり場へと連れていってしまったのです…。