"I'll do a part of things that my spouse can't do!" Ai, who works as the No.1 in high-end cleansers, has been speedy to put on a evil grin. She could be a helpful lady with no troublesome bargaining at all, and she is the finest fancy woman with the finest cleanser tech. Without ng play at all, as long as time permits, it is by the crude out of Northkin single-mindedly. She looks like she needs to any number of shots. A dream yam with Miss Thorpe's mistress.「奥さんにできないこといっぱいしてあげる!」高級ソープでNo.1として働くあいりはイタズラな笑みを浮かべて即尺してきた。めんどうな駆け引きが一切ない都合のいい女で、極上のソープテクを持つ最高の愛人。NGプレイ一切なしで、時間が許す限り、ひたすらノースキンの生中出しでヤリまくる。何発でもヤリたくなる美貌。ソープ嬢愛人と過ごす夢のような時間。