"Teacher, I've been worried about you before ..." Forbidden eroticism video ban of too obscene teacher and students! ! Teacher "Nami" who visited for home visit to home of student who worried about before. When the parents of the students left the house on a trip, they were forced to kiss the students and brought them to bed in a good thing that they did not have parents, and made a physical relationship with the students ... "This is only two people if parents do not come back ... "I'm a shocking image of sex glitz even if I go to bed or awake for two days.「先生、あなたのこと前から気になってたの…」淫ら過ぎる教師と生徒の禁断の性情事映像解禁!!以前から気にかけていた生徒の自宅に家庭訪問に訪れた教師「ナミ」。生徒の両親が旅行で家を空けた隙に生徒にキスを迫り両親がいないのをいいことにベッドに連れ込み生徒と肉体関係を結び…「このまま親御さんが帰ってこなければずっと2人きりなのにね…」2日間、寝ても覚めてもセックス三昧の衝撃映像。