【MUTEKI 10th Anniversary Special Project】 In the history of AV, the two best entertainers, the first co-star of a dream! Invincible two came home! Ultra-highest class soapland celebrities Harlem 2 wheel, puffing with blowjob, toys Ikasa & straddle W handjob, pounding in the night pool Refugee as it is Piston gangbang, celebrity sister and miracle sandwiches Reverse 3P experience, etc ... Extraordinarily thick pull out all seven corners! First and last, miraculous luxury co-star.【MUTEKI 10周年Special企画】AV史上、最高双璧2大芸能人、夢の初共演!無敵のふたりが帰ってきたぁぁーー!超最高級ソープランド芸能人ハーレム2輪車、パイズリ&フェラで抜きまくりー、玩具イカセ&跨がりW手コキ、ナイトプールで逆ナンパそのまま激突きピストン大乱交、芸能人姉妹と奇跡のサンドイッチ逆3P体験、etc…超濃厚な抜きまくり全7コーナー!最初で最後、奇跡の贅沢共演。