Shame Shy Sister Rape Solowork Original Collaboration Digital Mosaic Sample Movie Product number: mimk068 Doujin Crimson King Crimson x PREMIUM exclusive actress Yamabana Reika is a blitz collaboration! ! A live-action version of the popular work “A high-pride woman who has been humiliated 24 hours a day after receiving a H happening” on TV! ! A model that is determined to be a swimsuit is fitted by a vicious producer, and it is broadcast live as if it is exposed to a beautiful nipple and fallen! ! The model with high pride is exhausted as much as shame, and the body and mind are shattered 辱め 羞恥 お姉さん 強姦 単体作品 原作コラボ デジモ サンプル動画 品番: mimk068 同人界の帝王クリムゾン×PREMIUM専属女優・山岸逢花が電撃コラボ!!人気作品「TVでHなハプニングを受け続け24時間徹底的に辱められたプライドの高い女」を完全実写化!!水着にまでしかならないと決めているモデルが悪徳プロデューサーに嵌められ、綺麗な乳首を晒されイキ堕ちさせられる様を生中継される!!プライドの高いモデルは恥辱の限りを尽くされ、身も心もズタズタに