To support a cheeky second generation President and Horito, noble garter secretary, Yuko. Management sense only without any without any popularity pride is dissatisfied in high younger President employees and to save the deficit management is followed by the company, and decided that to rehabilitate the moat island as a secretary. Blame clever Slut fed out from all directions, such as to reverse the position of president and secretary, forced pleasure hell by the absolute woman on top. And Horito that has been developed is masochism, without Yuko is made on the body not live ....生意気な二代目社長・堀島をサポートする、気高きガーター秘書・優子。経営センスもなく人望もなくプライドだけが高い年下社長に不満を抱く社員、そして赤字経営が続く会社を救う為、秘書として堀島を更生させる事を決意した。社長と秘書という立場を逆転するような全方向から繰り出す巧みな痴女責め、絶対的女性上位による強制的な快楽地獄。そしてマゾヒズムを開発された堀島は、優子なしでは生きていけない身体になって…。