Yurufuwa Caster, who is in charge of a gourmet reporter at the Kashiwa region local station program, makes his debut in Cai Kami-ka! ! The opportunity to want to appear in AV, I want to stop the time! The exclusive appearance in this book is decided for the cute reason that! ! Overjoyed by the world where the time of yearning was stopped! ! Cum for the first time in front of the camera while playing hard time stopped! ! Just like the food report, I was embarrassed to make a living report w某地方ローカル局番組でグルメリポーターを担当しているゆるふわキャスターさんが上京、即中出しデビュー!!AVに出たいきっかけが、時間を止めてもらいたい!というかわいい理由で本中独占出演決定!!憧れの時間停止された世界に大喜び!!一生懸命ストップされた時間を演じながらカメラの前で初中出し!!食レポと同じように生ちんちんレポートも恥ずかしがりながらやってくれましたw