The most important point is that the beautiful girl who debuted alone, “Nozomi Arimura”, was gradually weakened by Iron Crimson, and she still lost the vitality she was raped. There is no personality disqualification, human destruction, mental pollution, affirmation affirmation, actress denial! Give women no freedom! Everything is mine! Commit as I like! Become an iron throne and restart!一番の見所は単体デビューした美少女「有村のぞみ」をアイアンクリムゾンでどんどん弱らせそれでも犯される生気を失った姿。人格失格、人間破壊、精神汚染、嫌悪肯定、女優否定なんでもあり!女に自由は与えない!全部俺のもの!俺の好きなように犯す!鉄の玉座となり再始動!