I received information from men who work for major companies that junior female employees are Jariman. In the 3rd year of joining the company, the OL that looks like an adult seems to have sex with nine newly graduated boys, only 9 people who are bald. Asked the man for cooperation and called her with the excuse of a social gathering with business partners This tracking coverage interview started! How loose her crotch is ... and how.大手企業に勤める男性から後輩女性社員がヤリマンだとの情報が届いた。入社3年目、大人しそうな見た目のそのOLは後輩の新卒男子ばかりと、バレているだけで9名もとSEXしているという。その男性にも協力を依頼し、取引先との懇親会という口実で彼女を呼び出し今回の追跡取材がスタートした!果たして彼女の股間の緩さやいかに…。