One day, a father of a classmate cried home at home, "My son was injured in my son." The cause of the fight was for classmates, but the man who said "If you can not pay for the treatment cost, show sincerity", you push over and commit mother. After that, the mother was tormented variously, and finally, the classmates surround the mother and gangbang. I masturbate when I saw my mother swimming in front of me "Ah ... I feel good ...".ある日、「お宅の子にうちの息子が怪我させられた。」と同級生の父親が家に怒鳴り込んできた。喧嘩の原因は同級生の方にあったのだけど、「治療費が払えないなら誠意を見せろ」と言った男は、母さんを押し倒し、犯す。その後も母さんは様々に虐められ、遂には、同級生達が母さんを取り囲んで輪姦する。僕の目の前で「あぁ…気持ちいい…。」とイキまくる母さんを見て僕はオナニーしてしまい…。