I tried to talk to another teacher, but even a male teacher who had already been given that picture by Sawai was forced to masturbate with it and was humiliated ... Every day, the students' dicks are sucked and sperm is drunk, and after all they are tied up with a rope and they continuously enter the vagina. No one will help me, who is just an apprentice who turned the president's son into an enemy ... I can't do this every day. Mom, I'm unlikely to be a teacher ... て他の先生に相談しようとしたけれど、沢井からあの写真を既に渡されていたある男性教師にまで、それをネタに自慰を強制させられ辱められたんです…。毎日毎日、生徒たちのチンコをしゃぶらされ精子を飲まされ、挙句には縄で縛られて彼らに連続で膣内にまで…。理事長の息子を敵に回したただの一実習生でしかない私を、助けてくれる人はいないでしょう…。もうこんな日々無理です。お母さん、私は教師にはなれそうもないです…。