Don't Hinata, who has been doing well with his favorite boyfriend recently but was worried that his relationship had become a rut, takes a bold action. In order not to get bored of myself, I will stimulate a man's instinct by wearing a transparent wedding dress. Seeing him excited about his bold appearance for the first time, he attacks with a more intense blow job than usual. The pie bread under the dress is unprecedentedly wet, and the two people develop intense SEX in an unprecedented stimulus. It seems that this play has become addictive. 最近大好きな彼とは順調だけど関係がマンネリ化してきたことを不安に思った「日向るな」ちゃんが大胆な行動に出ます。自分を飽きさせないために、スケスケウエディングドレス姿で男の本能を刺激しちゃいます。初めて見せる大胆な自分の姿に興奮する彼の様子を見て、いつもより激しいフェラで攻めまくります。ドレスの下のパイパンはいつになく濡れていて、かつてない刺激の中で激しいSEXを繰り広げる二人。もうこのプレイが病みつきになっちゃったようです。