[Limited time re-release 2/20 as soon as possible! Satoko says her husband has been sexless for years. He came to shoot to get out of such a writhing state! If I exposed everything in front of the camera, I just feel better afterwards! Where is the first embarrassment?【期間限定再公開 2/20 まで お早めに!】旦那さんとはセックスレス状態が何年も続いているという里子さん。そんな悶々とした状態を脱すべく撮影に来てくれました!カメラの前で全てをさらけ出したら、後はもう気持ち良くなるだけ!初めの恥ずかしさは何処へやら?始終感じっ放しです!!