Her name is Ayana-chan (dental assistant). She is 22 years old and is about to eat now! She is a dental assistant in a pink lab coat, white tights and seemingly neat and guarded, but she really likes H and is de M-chan. She has been looking forward to what's going to happen even before she starts shooting. When I took off my white coat, black sexy underwear appeared on my abundant boobs that seemed to insist that it was unpleasant, and when I examined the pants, Netchori and Man juice had already pulled the thread, and I fingered Kuri-chan a little. By the way, the cloudy juice overflows and comes out. She sucks the cock deliciously with a sexy look when she changes offense and defense. The intense pant voice after her insertion is not odd. At the end, I fired a lot in the pussy as much as I could. Please take a look at Ayana Cha's sex. 今回出演の彼女、名前は亜矢菜ちゃん(歯科助手)。年齢は22才と今がちょうど食べごろ!ピンクの白衣に白のタイツと一見清楚でガードがかたそうな歯科助手さんだが、実は相当なH好きでドMちゃん。撮影を始める前からこれから行われる行為を待ち遠しくしてる目をしてます。白衣を脱がしてみるとイヤらしいことを主張するかのような豊満なおっぱいに黒のセクシーな下着が顔をだし、パンツを調べたらすでにネッチョリとマン汁が糸をひきまくり、ちょこっとクリちゃんを指でさすれば白濁汁がドロドロとあふれて出てくる始末。攻守交替すると色っぽい顔つきで美味しそうにチンポをしゃぶりだす彼女。挿入してからの激しい喘ぎ声は半端じゃないですね。最後は思いっきりマンコの中に大量発射しちゃいました。皆さんも是非、亜矢菜ちゃのエッチを見てあげてください。